Why People Use Nela Tools for Plastering

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Nela plastering tools have been around since 2014, and they have become very popular for plastering. They are affordable and have a range of options for all of your plastering needs. They are high-quality tools made in Germany, and the company pays attention to what plasterers want in a tool.

The Nela Trowel

One way that the Nela trowel stands out is that plastering professionals find it lightweight and easier to use than other trowels. It has a cork handle, which gives you the perfect grip for your hands. It has a bevelled blade, and it is made of steel. One of the popular models is the Nela Black Edition, which is a finishing trowel. It is used to plaster ceilings and walls. It has a gold-plated shaft and a round blade, which makes it pliable. Nela makes trowels that are light yet high quality and affordable.

Types of Nela Tools

There are a number of different Nela tools to choose from. They offer bucket trowels, the Venetian Supreme, margin trowels, spatulas, pointing trowels, hawks, texture trowels, and more. They have an extensive line of tools that extends beyond plastering. When the company was founded, it focused on plastering, but it has since expanded its offerings to include tools for bricklayers, renderers, and external wall insulation installers.

What People Say About Nela Tools

One thing that plasterers and bricklayers alike find is that Nela tools are solid. They have handles that are ergonomically designed and made out of cork, making them comfortable to use. The mounting of the handle is cast with aluminium and has steel bolts, which makes the frame rigid. In addition, the blade is bevelled, so it is ready for plastering use right away.

Plasterers also find that the Nela tools are attractive and easy to use. They are lightweight, so you don’t tire during a big project. The tools feel great because they sit perfectly in your hands and offer a good grip. You can use them and get a decent grip, whether your hands are wet or dry. There is plenty of room between the blade and the handle, which prevents your fingers from being rubbed by the frame.

The trowel is well balanced, and people enjoy using it. You can choose from a number of different models to get the trowel that is best for your specific job. It is lightweight and balanced, and it allows you to do the work you need to do.

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